Custom wedding/family crest design


A custom watercolor crest is the perfect way to capture your family story!

Custom crests are personalized to include your favorite hobbies (camping, travel, baking), important life events (wedding, graduation), landmarks (your home, wedding venue, engagement location), anything! One of my favorite things about custom crests is no two are alike-your crest tells your unique story—how you and your other half met and became a family and how your family experiences life together.

Crests make stunning centerpieces for wedding invitations, cocktail napkins, wedding signage, stationery, tea towels, pillows and more! The possibilities are endless! The custom crest also makes a fantastic gift for your favorite couple getting married-something they will treasure forever.


  • You will receive a 12x18 printed copy of your custom wedding crest-printed on 110 lb eggshell matte stock.

  • Upon checkout, you will fill out the crest questionnaire. I will email you my contract details so we can start brainstorming details, icons and illustration ideas together.

  • Once I receive your questionnaire, I will create a custom crest proposal for you that includes your custom color palette, design aesthetic and inspiration. You will also receive a crest sketch for your approval before painting/printing. 

  • Three revisions are included in your custom crest design. (I want to make sure you love it!)

  • Turnaround time is 4-8 weeks. If you need your crest by a specific date, simply let me know to make sure I have it on my calendar (

  • Questions? I'm here to help! Email me anytime at

Wedding/Family Crest
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