Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the deposit nonrefundable?
A. We have found that requiring the deposit allows the process to move forward with both parties fully committed.  You have invested your money and we can fully invest our time and services.  Remember, the deposit goes towards your final balance.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have before making the deposit.  Simply send us an email, or six.  We will promptly respond to each one and answer any questions you may have.  We want each bride to be confident about their decision and trust us to take care of the details.

Q. Can I customize colors from your collection?
A. Yes!  If you have a custom color request, weʼd be happy to accommodate.  Some colors work better within the design, so there may be some limitations to the color schemes, but we will do our best to make everything work.

Q. Can I customize fonts from your collection?
A. Yes, we offer up to two complimentary edits (including color and font), additional edits may be subject to a design fee of $50.  Email with your specific questions, and we’d be happy to get you an exact quote.

Q. May I change the wording of the text?
A. Yes, I love it when a bride wants to make the invitation their own!  I am here to help with wording if you don't quite know what you want to go with, formal or informal.  Please keep in mind the text space allotted in your chosen design, only so many words can fit. 

Q. Do you offer complete custom design?
A. Yes, I offer complete start to finish custom designs.  We require at least two months advance-notice for custom orders. The minimum order for custom designs is $800.  Please inquire for pricing to see the full breakdown.

Q. Do the invitations come assembled?
A. No, they do not. Your order will be shipped individually packaged. We do offer full invitation assembly, starting at $200. We even offer a mailing service- we assemble, stamp, and deliver to the post.  Please inquire for pricing.

Q. Can I mix and match pieces from different suites?
A. Yes, please do! We would love for you to make our collection your own. We do ask that you mix and match entire printed pieces, rather than specific design elements from different cards.

Q. I am on a tight timeline! Do you offer rushed printing/shipping?
A. Yes, we do. There is a 30%  markup on orders that need to go out before our outlined timeframe.  Our standard shipping is USPS Priority which takes 2-3 days for delivery. You are welcome to upgrade to an express or overnight. We are happy to provide a custom quote the upgrade.

Q. Do you proofread my text?
A. Yes. As your designer we focus on the overall look of your invitations, as well as spelling and grammar. Sometimes,  we admittedly overlook misspellings or typos while focusing on the overall design. During the proofing process, you can double check all text. We even recommend having a friend or family member help you proofread. We do not print without your final approval.

Q. When should save the dates and invitations be sent out?
A. Save the Dates: 4-6 months for domestic or 6-12 months out for holiday/destination weddings
Invitations: 6-8 weeks or 8-10 weeks for holiday/destination weddings

Q. How much do your invitations cost?
A. Please see the Pricing under the Process tab for further information.   If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just inquire for a quote.

Q. Do you offer printable PDF files of your designs?
A. Yes, we do. After customizing your paper goods, we can provide the print-ready files.  Please note, we cannot guarantee the the quality of the printing with third-parties. To rest assured, let us handle your invitations from start to finish.  Please inquire for a quote.

Q. What if I need additional envelopes?
A. 10% extra envelopes are included in each order to account for any mistakes while addressing. Please order additional envelopes if your calligrapher needs more than 10%.