Wedding Invitation design process

There's a lot that goes into designing custom wedding invitations.  The information below is meant to help you as you begin the design process.  



Each wedding suite is customized for the couple.  From designing a one of a kind wedding map and suite, to customizing existing designs, Smitten Event Invitations will help make your big day completely your own.  Your wedding invitations are your guest's first impression of your wedding; show them your personal style and highlight special aspects of your wedding.



Choose Suite

With many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the look that fits your wedding perfectly.  Most of our designs have a bohemian feel, with hand painted designs and are fully customizable.  Please note, that orders average from 3-8 weeks from placing the order to shipping the order.  This varies with your prompt response, and specifics of your order.  We do our very best to work with your timeline, and if needed, we can rush orders for an additional 30% of the total.  

Customize Suite

Each design offers all components to make the perfect invitation suite.  Available stationery includes Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, RSVP's, Direction cards, Menus, Reception Cards, and Programs.  Color edits and font changes are welcome, and you may write your own text (in fact, we love that!).  I am here to assist  with wording choice (formal to informal) and design services.  With your order, you receive up to five edits.  The edits include colors and fonts, design edits (where painting or change of images is needed) is available for an additional fee.

Printing Options

Our invitations are printed on the finest quality yardstick, using professional printers.  We offer many stocks to choose from:
- 16 pt dull cover with matte finish (beautiful thick cardstock, satin finish)
- Heavy Cardstock Felt
- Heavy Cardstock Cream Felt
- Heavy Yardstick Kraft (brown)
- Extra Heavy Cardstock Linen


Our pricing is straightforward and easy to calculate.  Price breakdown as follows:
-  Wedding Invitation Base Suites are priced at 3.75 a set.  (A set of 100 would be $375)  The base suite set includes 5" x 7" Flat invitation, eggshell mailing envelope, with return address printing, and 4" x 5.5" RSVP card with matching eggshell envelopes OR 4" x 6" RSVP postcard (color front and back).

***upgrade to color envelope +.30 each
***upgrade to inner/outer envelopes-convo for price quote

Each additional enclosure cards:
Outer envelopes available for .50 each.
Directions Card- $1.80 (5 by 5 size)
Reception card - $2.00 (5 x 7 size)
Hotel Info card - $1.80 (5 by 5 size)
Ribbon/twine - $0.50+ each
Belly Band- .60 each
Thank you's - $1.65 each flat card
Thank you's - $1.90 each fold over
Menu - $2.00+ (5 x 7 size)
Table Numbers (size varies, 5 x 5 to 5 x 7) - $2.00+

Place Your Order

Purchase the non-refundable $100 deposit on our website under the ORDER tab and fill out the order form.  Please fill out client info form:   Upon receiving both your deposit AND completed client info form, we will send your itemized invoice within 2 business days. The deposit will go towards your final balance. 

Curious about the deposit? Read about why we require one in the FAQ.  We do require that the contract be signed (The contract is part of the client info form, proceeding to the edit/customization stage.


We will email a proof with all of your requested information and customizations.  Please look over each proof (and even have a second or third person look over it for any misspellings or mistakes) and once you have approved the design, it will go to printing.  The remainder of your balance must be paid before we print your invitations.  Once we get final approval from you to print all invitation pieces, the printing and production process will take about 2-4 weeks.  

We ship all ordered via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive tracking details once your order is on it’s way.  New Orleans residents are able to pick up orders at almost any location in the city by appointment only.

Helpful Info

This great blog offers some tips on buying invitations:


Anatomy of a wedding suite

rom proper wording to etiquette, there are lots of intricacies to mailing a wedding invitation. Here’s a list of the most important items in a wedding invitation suite.

The Invitation 
The star of the show! Your wedding invitation should feature the who-what-when-and where of your big day. Your names, the date and time, and the ceremony venue and address are the must-haves on the main invitation. 

The Reception Card 
If your wedding ceremony and reception are in different locations, you may want to consider including a reception card with all of the details, rather than load up the main invitation with all of the info. Reception cards typically include the time and location (with address) of the reception. If your ceremony and reception are in the same place, just include text like “Dinner and Dancing to Follow” on your main invitation. 

The Response Card (and Envelope) 
Traditionally, guests fill out and mail a response card to let you know if they can or cannot attend your wedding. Some couples choose to have a response card where guests check boxes to indicate their attendance (and often, dinner menu selections), others leave the card mostly blank so that guests can write a personal message. Whatever you decide, be sure to provide a due date (usually 2-3 weeks before the event) so that guests know to RSVP in a timely fashion.  You’ll also need to include an addressed, stamped envelope so that guests can easily send their response cards back. It’s tradition to have the response cards sent to the bride’s parents (or whoever’s paying), but if you’re doing the bulk of the planning, the response cards can go directly to you. To save some money and paper on the response cards, you may want to consider postcards instead of card-and-envelope sets. Or, you may want to ask your guests to RSVP online and indicate this on your wedding website card (see below). 

The Custom Map

Highlight specific locations related to your wedding, including the wedding and reception venues, historical landmarks, important street names and hotels where your guests will be staying.  This is your chance to create a special, one of a kind map designed to help give your guests visualize how the events surrounding your wedding will play out.  The original map can be framed and kept as a wedding keepsake.

The Direction Card 
Provide your guests with directions to your venue – a map can also be helpful. Your venue can usually provide you with clearly-worded directions to use. If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, you may want to have double-sided directions cards with ceremony directions on the front, reception directions on the back. 

The Accommodations Card 
If you’re hosting a lot of out-of-town guests, you may want to provide them with information about hotels and accommodations. You can include a separate enclosure with this information, or include it on your wedding website, and provide guests with the site address (see below). 

The Wedding Website Card 
You can eliminate several enclosures – the direction card, accommodations card, and even the response card, by providing your guests with a single card that points them to your wedding website. As long as your guests are relatively tech-savvy, they should easily be able to access all of the important details on your website. 

The Inner Envelope 
The inner envelope is a separate envelope that goes inside your main outer envelope – your actual invitation and enclosures go inside the inner envelope. It is typically addressed with the names of all of people who are invited (including children or other guests). Traditionally, an inner envelope was used to protect the invitation’s ink from smudging. While some couples choose to skip the inner envelope, it is a must for formal weddings. 

The Outer Envelope 
This is the main envelope that features both the guests’ names and mailing address, as well as the return address. Hand-calligraphy provides a classic look to these outer envelopes.  Pro Tip: Before mailing out your invitations, be sure to weigh a sample invitation at the post office, sealed with all enclosures, so you know how many stamps you’ll need – it varies widely. Also note that square envelopes cost more in postage. 

What Else Do I Need? 
When ordering your wedding invitation suite, you’ll also want to think about other important paper items for your wedding day and beyond, including your ceremony programs, menu cards, table numbers, escort cards, and thank-you note stationery. While not all of these items have to match your invitation, they should all fit with the theme and style of your wedding.